As human beings, we show love in different ways…some by a simple act of kindness and others through lavish gestures…

“My name is Claudia and for as long as I dare to remember, gifts have always been my love language…”

Gifts by Claudia, is a company driven by passion and based on a simple idea of spreading love through luxurious gifting. The gesture of a gift can yield the greatest joy and gifting helps us show the people we love, that we care. Gifts ignite feelings of warmth, excitement, gratitude and genuine delight…now tell me, who wouldn’t want that?

Gifts by Claudia was created so that you could provide your loved ones with a fabulous gifting experience minus the hassle. My passion is to create personalized gifts, tailored for your special person and to ensure that it exudes sentiment and love!

May my love language become yours!